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Hotspot Gateway MikroTik

So easy to make a hotspot gateway MikroTik. Here are step-by-step to configure hotspot gateway.
Here I assume is already available a Mikrotik router machine. (In this case I use Mikrotik RB-450 V4.17).

Step 1.

Log in to Winbox. In the menu on the left side select IP and then proceed to select the Hotspot.

Step 2.

Find and click on the sub-menu Hotspot Setup. Furthermore, the Automatic will perform configure Mikrotik Hotspot Gateway. Just follow the continuation configure this.

Step 3

Set Hotspot address on the interface and on stage oini click ‘next’ if the IP block has been prepared accordingly.

Step 4.

Address Pool is being done at this step. Options range of IP addresses that will be used we can still edit. Just then click Next.

Step 5.

In this step Kila click Next and proceed to the next step.

Step 6 : Click  Next.

Step 7.

Enter the IP DNS – Next

Step 8.

empty it and press NEXT

Step 9.

Create User / Password for administrator

Step 10.

If the Message as shown below, then configure the Mikrotik Hotspot Gateway successful.

Next, we try to connect to a hotspot and open the browser. Mikrotik hotspot gateway Login Page will appear   as shown below. Here must enter a username, a password to be able to perform Internet activities

To create a username / password for the new client to get to the menu Hotspot, create a user / passwords. In the sub-menu ‘Limits’ can be made limit / limit the use of hotspots for the client.

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  1. Terima Kasih Pak Atas tutorialnya ..
    artikel yang sangat bagus ..

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing. I’m wondering if it’s OK to copy some of the text in my site?

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